Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gift for my love

Psychology Today says “Arguments over money are the number one reason for relationship stress and break-ups.“ It’s never easy to tell your loved one that they have a problem such as a shopping addiction, and is hard to confront your partner without hurting their feelings, so what do you do?

Here is a perfect gift for your partner. This gift is a way for you to show your support, care, and love while also helping your partner remember to shop more responsibly.

This wallet is specially designed to help your partner stop themselves from spending impulsively. It has four zippers, which delay the process of paying and provide more time for her to rethink the purchase. Each zipper has a thoughtful, supportive message, such a:

I believe in U.
You will beat your shopping impulses.
You are in full control of your finances.
You know it’s never too late to stop.

Every time she opens the wallet, she will think of you and will feel very much supported and loved.

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